If you’re planning an extension, refurbishment or new build I can offer a range of architectural services to suit your individual project.

My services include:

  • Brief preparation
  • Feasibility studies
  • Measured surveys
  • Planning and historic building advice
  • Architectural & interior design
  • Planning applications
  • Listed Building Consent
  • Building Regulations applications
  • Tendering (for costing)
  • Contract Administration
  • CDM / Health & Safety advice
  • Condition surveys
  • Party Wall Awards

Please get in touch to arrange a no obligation consultation to discuss your project in more detail.

Service Packages

For Homeowners

To illustrate the process, below are two common options for architectural services on a medium sized residential extension.

Option 1 takes the project through design, planning and Building Regulations approval; from this point forward you would manage the project by yourself. Some clients prefer this as it saves money on architectural fees, however it should only be considered if you have sufficient experience of managing construction projects.

Option 2 is for a full architectural service from start to finish. This option is recommended, particularly if you have little or no experience in managing construction projects. Employing an architect manage your project is likely to save you time and money, whilst ensuring that your aspirations are fully realised.

Option 1 - Design and Specification

Services for RIBA Stages 1 to 4 - Design, Planning & Building Regulations

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RIBA Stage 1 Preparation
  • Help prepare your requirements (Project Brief) and establish your budget
  • Carry out a measured survey and supply to you a set of existing building drawings
  • Advise you on the need for services or investigations by other consultants or specialists
RIBA Stage 2 Concept Design
  • Develop a series of design proposals in line with your requirements and budget
  • Work on plan and in 3D to help you visualise your project
  • Liaise with the planning authorities and submit for pre-application advice if required
  • Finalise a project design brief that captures all your aspirations
RIBA Stage 3 Developed Design
  • Develop your chosen design option and fully coordinate it with other consultants information
  • Submit planning and/or listed building consent application as required
  • Serve Party Wall Notice and agree Party Wall Award (if appointed to do so)
RIBA Stage 4 Technical Design
  • Develop technical drawings and specifications as required to satisfy Building Regulations
  • Coordinate technical work of other consultants such as the structural engineer
  • Produce schedules for lighting, finishes and ironmongery as required
  • Submit drawings and specification for Building Regulations agreement or approval

Option 2 - Full RIBA Architect's Service

As options 1 plus services for RIBA Stages 5 & 6

Contractor Selection
  • Contact potential contractors to establish interest in tendering for the works
  • Produce an itemised schedule of works (detailing all works to be carried out)
  • Issue tender to pre-approved contractors
  • Answer all tender queries (if and when they arise)
  • Appraise tender returns and produce a report highlighting preferred contractor
  • Offer advice on an appropriate form of building contract
RIBA Stage 5 Construction
  • Prepare and administrate a building contract
  • Undertake regular site inspections to monitor progress on site
  • Deal with queries and amend drawings if necessary
  • Instruct additional work as required
  • Keep track of costs, value the works and certify payments to the building contractor
  • Issue monthly cost reports
RIBA Stage 6 Handover
  • Final inspection identifying and instructing the making good of any defects
  • Issue a Completion Certificate
  • Inspection at the end of the rectification period (for latent defects
  • Issue a Final Certificate and notice for final payment