Planning approved in West St Leonards

09/05/2016, in Planning

Planning permission has been granted for a modest but well specified rear extension to a house in West St Leonards, East Sussex. The house is situated near the ruins of  St Mary’s Chapel, an historic parish church originally built in the 11th Century, shortly after the Norman Conquest.

The rear garden backs on to a beautiful grass marsh land and ASSI (Area of Specific Scientific Interest) and the tall silver grasses are a predominant feature of the site.

1502_marsh viewComplete with a cantilevered viewing balcony, the extension sits on an existing concrete base and is positioned to provide uninterrupted views across the marshland. The building is to be clad in Siberian Larch which will be treated with a specialised weathering sealer to allow it to weather naturally to an even silvery grey. The green, silver and gold hues of the marshland grasses are further highlighted in the metal trims and edge profiles.

Construction is due to start in August this year