St Swithun’s Terrace, Lewes

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The refurbishment and extension of a terraced house built in 1909 on a former private garden close to historic Lewes Castle and the ancient pedestrian alley, or twitten, of Green Lane.

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The extension interior involved exposed brickwork contrasted with the new steel structure, painted a bold red and used as design features. Further steelwork was required to create piles, saving the house from subsidence.

Responding to the clients’ brief, the new design features worked in contrast with their eclectic taste, which included vintage and reclaimed, repurposed furniture and joinery.

The distinctive kitchen island was salvaged from a local ceramic tile showroom.

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The project functioned to combine essential structural work with an improved and expanded living space. The resulting character of the house exemplified the collaborative process between architect and client.

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The refurbishment utilised vintage glazing and repurposed achitectural elements.

The results of collaboration: characterful domestic spaces with strong design features.

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As well as exposed new brickwork, original brickwork was also revealed to create rooms with unique character.

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Old and new combine in the refurbished and extended spaces.

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‘Nick is everything you should expect from a highly trained and experienced architect, and a pleasure to work with.’

Ken and Helen